FISD Wellness Plan

Franklin Independent School District Wellness Plan

The district shall follow nutrition guidelines that advance student health and reduce childhood obesity and shall promote the general wellness of all students through nutrition education, physical activity and other school-based activities.


The District shall develop nutrition guidelines and wellness goals in consultation with the local school health advisory council and with involvement from representatives of the student body, school food service, school administration, the Board, parents and the public.


The District shall ensure that nutrition guidelines reimbursable school meals shall be at least as restrictive as federal regulations and guidance and that all foods available on each campus are in accordance with the National School Lunch and Breakfast Program.

  • Only food items meeting USDA and TDA guidelines are served at all sites
  • Daily menu items are displayed at each site with information regarding a reimbursable meal.
  • Cafeteria staff is trained regarding guidelines pertaining to serving portions.

In addition to legal requirements, the District shall:

  • Establish age-appropriate guidelines for food and beverages consumed during the school day according to Texas Department of Agriculture including all fundraising activities.
  • The District shall encourage serving healthy food at school parties. Notices shall be sent to parents/guardians reminding them of the necessity of providing healthy treats for students and/or award celebrations. 
  • The local district school board had adopted a resolution pertaining to fund raising activities during the school day. All campuses may sell food related items during the regular school day as long as: 
  • The item being sold meets “Smart Snack” Competitive Food guidelines.
  • Sales may not occur during meal service times including breakfast and lunch
  • Each campus will be exempt from “Smart Snack” Competitive Food guidelines as part of a fundraiser for a maximum of six days per school year as allowed by Texas Department of Agriculture.



The District shall implement, in accordance with law, a coordinated health program with a nutrition education component and shall use health course curriculum that emphasizes the importance of proper nutrition.

  •  Grades PK, 5 and 9 will utilize locally developed nutritional activities throughout the school year
  • The District shall discourage using food as a reward in the classroom.
  • The District establishes the following goal for nutrition education: the food service staff, teachers and other school personnel shall coordinate the promotion of nutrition messages in the cafeteria, the classroom and other appropriate settings.
  • The District had implemented “Breakfast for All” in which all students receive breakfast at the start of every school day with emphasis on the role nutrition plays in daily learning activities.
  • Employees will receive Wellness Education information throughout the school year.


The District shall implement, in accordance with law, a coordinated health program with physical education and physical activity components and shall offer at least the required amount of physical activity for all grades.

In addition, the District establishes the following goals for physical activity:

  • The District shall provide an environment that fosters safe and enjoyable fitness activities for all students, including those who are not participating in competitive sports.
  • Physical education classes shall regularly emphasize moderate to vigorous activity. 
  • One or more of the following activities will be utilized during the school year:
  • Jump Rope and Hoops for Heart: Engages students in jumping rope while learning the lifelong benefits of physical activity, the seriousness of heart disease and stroke, volunteering and fundraising.
  • Fitness Gram: Performed once yearly for all students to evaluate student fitness levels.
  • “Get Your Morning Moving”: Roland Reynolds Elementary participate in an exercise each Friday morning involving all students as well as all staff members in a fun physical activity.

The District establishes the following goal to create an environment conductive to healthful eating and physical activity and to express a consistent wellness message through other school-based activities:

  • Sufficient time shall be allowed for students to eat meals in a lunchroom facilities that are clean, safe and comfortable.
  • The District will ensure that lunch is scheduled as near to the middle of the school day as possible.
  • Health, Wellness and Nutrition Education information will be made available to parents/guardians and the community. This information may be provided in the form of handouts, wall or bulletin boards posters or banners, posting on the district website, community and student oriented presentations or other communications focused on promoting proper nutrition and healthy lifestyles..
  • Flu shots are offered yearly to staff members with emphasis on wellness.


The Superintendent or designee shall oversee the implementation of this policy and shall develop administrative procedures for periodically measuring the implementation of the wellness policy.

  • All Wellness Policy Guidelines will be implemented yearly.
  • The Child Nutrition Director and the District Nurse will monitor all guidelines once yearly. A review of the plan will be assessed yearly by District employees.