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Franklin ISD, like many other school districts, has seen a recent increase in student vaping. The numerous negative effects of vaping warrant all of us at Franklin ISD to take the issue very seriously. Vaping is not only against school policy; it is also dangerous for a person’s health. Unfortunately, there is varying information and misunderstanding involving vaping and electronic cigarettes in circulation. We hope to inform you on the issue and to share some resources to help you separate fact from fiction.
Vaping is defined as the act of inhaling vapor produced by an electronic vaporizer, or e-cigarette. The inhaled vapor can contain nicotine, THC (a chemical found in marijuana), and/or other substances. The liquids used to vaporize come in many different flavors and smells making them attractive to children. Many of the flavors of these liquid concentrates, or vape juices, are sweet and may sound appealing.
Vaporizers and e-cigarettes come in all different shapes and sizes; some will look like pens, styluses, flash drives, or other objects making them easily hidden. One of the newest trends in vaping is Juuling. Juuling is a very discreet form of vaping. A Juul closely resembles a USB thumb drive.  
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Much like other tobacco and nicotine products, stores cannot sell vaping items to anyone under the age of 18; however, students can easily purchase these products online. Franklin ISD remains vigilant on this issue; consequently, we hope this letter has been informative and helpful. The goal of the school district is to partner with our parents to best support all students in making positive decisions. Please consider talking to your child about the dangers of electronic cigarettes and vaping.
For more information about vaping please visit the websites below:
Health Insurance Marketplace information can be downloaded below.