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Superintendent's Message

As public education moves in the direction of continuous change and unfunded mandates from Capitol Hill, we prepare ourselves for battle.  Long has it been since we as educators began a school year with a true understanding of what is being ask of us:  the legislature requesting change for the sake of change, setting expectations with no standards or true measurements to guide us, and school districts filing lawsuits against the state over funding.  There is no real consensus on what education should look like and how important it is to the future of our country.  Even though these things cloud the very purpose of education, FISD continues to move forward.  

We as educators acknowledge that the traditional guiding model of education is no longer relevant in a post-industrial, knowledge-based society.   We embrace ideas and assumptions that are radically different than those that have guided schools in the past.  The concept of “get it right – then keep it going” is no longer sufficient.  We must “get it right - then improve it.”

Here at Franklin we separate ourselves from an ordinary school by obtaining a collective commitment to guiding principles that articulate what we believe and what we seek to create.  We are relentless in questioning the status quo, seeking new methods, testing those methods and then reflecting on the results.  We learn from one another, thus creating momentum to fuel continuous improvement.  And finally, we focus on improving results, always asking what our purpose is and how we are going to assess our improvement efforts.

Franklin is a special place to live.  The support here is like no other.  So, I ask you to stay together and remain focused on kids today, for they are our nation’s tomorrow.