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Work Orders

Franklin ISD Work Orders for all Departments

Click on the link below to complete a work order for a department. All work order request must go through the below links. Phoned and emailed request cannot be completed without a submitted work order. 

Maintenance Department

Transportation Department

Franklin Ranch Department

What type of request do you submit through the Maintenance Direct System?

  • Plumbing, HVAC issues, Electrical, Pest Control, and General Maintenance (Carpentry, Painting, Key & Lock,etc.)

What is the process used by Franklin ISD for requesting and completing work orders?

Step 1: Staff requests maintenance work to be completed by logging into the Maintenance Direct system and submitting their request. Above you will find a link to login website. 

Step 2: Based on the location and request the work order will be submitted to a FISD Maintenance employee who will be in contact with you about your request. 

Step 3: Once the work has been performed, the work order will be completed in the system and you will be notified.

Step 4: At any time you can login into the Maintenance Direct system to check the status of the work order.