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McKinney Vento Act

The McKinney-Vento Act is a federal law that makes sure children and youth who do not have
permanent housing can go to school and preschool. It gives children and youth rights to enroll
in school, stay in school, get transportation and do well in school.
If you need help enrolling your child(ren) or yourself in school, there are people who can help
you. You can contact:
● Your school district’s McKinney-Vento district or campus liaison (see below), who is a
school district member whose job it is to help you,
● Your State Coordinator (check for a list of State Coordinators and
contact information),
● A lawyer (check your local phone book or for legal aid lawyers in your
area), or
● The National Law Center (202) 828-2535 or [email protected]
FISD District Homeless Liaison: Susan Nelson
Contact Information: (979)-828-7000 or [email protected]
For more information visit the following link: