504 Information

  1. A student may be referred to the Response to Intervention Team (RtI) by a parent, or professional staff person.  
  2. The RtI considers the student and screens the referral at its next regularly scheduled meeting.  The team will consider all services available to all students and notify the parent of its decision.
  3. If the team concludes that the student may have an impairment that substantially limits the student’s performance of a major life activity such that the student may need services or accommodation in the school setting, the team will seek additional information regarding the student through an individualized evaluation.

If the Team concludes an evaluation should be done:

  1. School provides parents Notice of Rights, and seeks consent for evaluation.
  2. Parent consents to evaluation.  
  3. School conducts the evaluation of the student. 
  4. School invites parent to attend and participate as a member of the 504 Team, giving the date, time and location of the meeting. 
  5. School conducts meeting of 504 Team and determines, based on the individualized evaluation, if the student meets the definition of an “individual with a disability” under Section 504.  
  6. If the student is an “individual with a disability” the Team addresses the need for a 504 Plan for the student.
  7. School gives written notice to the parent of the decision, and, if appropriate, the student’s 504 Plan.