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Pride Pals

Pride Pals
Reynolds Elementary
The Pride Pal Program is a mentorship program developed to aid in the growth of students both academically and socially. Mentoring is an invaluable tool for helping children find the best in themselves and live up to their potential. Teachers will develop activities that the mentor will facilitate during his or her time with the student.The activity will be structured to match each child’s age, assessed needs, reading level, and learning style. The mentor and the student will quickly establish a bond, which will lead to a productive relationship. Above all, the child will receive nurturing and encouragement that is necessary for his or her success. Please remember that when volunteering you should not visit your own child's classroom or have unscheduled parent teacher conferences. Again we thank you for your time and dedication to our school.
Knowing that you have aided in the success of a child.
Have a love for children and 20-30 minutes of spare time per week. Complete the attached forms (mentorship and criminal history) and return them to the school to be processed.
Contact Christie Smitherman
Phone: 979-828-7300
Fax: 979 828-5048
317 N. Owensville St., Franklin, TX 77856